Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness

  •  Client
    Penny Arcade
  • The Challenge: Secure widespread, mainstream interest in Penny Arcade Adventures, an M-rated, episodic PC game based on Penny Arcade, a popular Web comic.

    MMPR’s approach: Position Penny Arcade Adventures as a must-play for adventure gamers, as well as any casual Penny Arcade fan. Overcome lack of experience with the episodic format on the part of press as well as consumers.

    TACTICS: Identify a print/online partner with whom to form an exclusive relationship in return for highlighted coverage.
     Specifically timed release of support materials, such as interviews, art, features and gameplay movies to enthusiast sites to ramp up the flow of information regarding Penny Arcade Adventures.
     Education of mainstream press with special Guide to Penny Arcadea press kit mailing and follow up, introduction to Penny Arcade humor.