Major League Eating: The Game – Nintendo Wii

  •  Client
    Mastiff Games,
  • Case Study: Major League Eating: The Game (WiiWare)
    What Can MMPR do with a project that has more main stream appeal then gamer appeal?
    MLE appeals to high school and older guys. MLE receives coverage on sports networks such as ESPN2 and men’s channels such as Spike TV.
    Target mainstream male gamers, while educating more hardcore gamers regarding how you can turn something like professional eating into a game.
    Announce deal with MLE into sports and gaming media channels
    Announce WiiWare separately to gaming press
    Launch via big gaming appearance (GameSpot Live) while pitching the bigger MLE story to national media
    Co-sponsor Happy Hour Event with Nintendo of America
    Big Media event in NYC targeting sports and mainstream press  go for an eating world record.
    Coverage to Date (highlights): NBC Today Show, ESPN television, On the Spot, National Public Radio (Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me show), Sports Byline (national sports radio), New York Magazine (May 5 issue), Maxim Magazine (June 08), 1up, Game Informer, GamePro, Nintendo Power, Seattle Times, NY Post, and a spot on a Jay Leno/Tonight Show monologue!