MMPR is only staffed by interactive entertainment PR veterans. The principals of MMPR are:

MICHAEL MEYERS: 24 years' experience developing, writing about, and marketing games including: NBA Jam, the WWF series, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, High Heat Baseball, Maniac Mansion, XIII, Dragon's Lair, Alien Hominid, Metal Slug, and King of Fighters.  Former senior editor of GamePro Magazine and executive producer of the GamePro television show, contributor to Electronic Gaming Monthly, TV Guide, Playboy, ESPN 2's Dirt and Blip (Marvel Comics).
KATE HEDSTROM: 10 years' experience in gaming, promoting successful PC franchises including Myst, Riven, Prince of Persia, and games in the Might and Magic brand. Former editor at Computer Gaming World and GameSpot.
LINDA MEYERS (no relation to Michael):  10 years' experience in gaming and former senior manager with Bender/Helper Impact, handled PR for franchises such as You Don't Know Jack, Falcon 4.0, Mech Commander, Worms, and Civilization, as well as VM Labs, Trymedia, and the Game Developers Conference.